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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  May 9, 2015 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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major roadway. emily turner joins us now from that bridge. the shut down has been causing a little bit of confusion for drivers, hasn't it? >> it shud sure has vicki. today has been a steady flow of confused drivers coming off of that ramp to where i am, which is at the gas station close to the bridge. they say either it wasn't marked well enough for them or they simply didn't know about it and now it is a big headache. >> san francisco right? . >> yeah. >> san mateo bridge closed. >> if you want to know how many people are closed by the san mateo bridge closure just take a look at the 74 station closure on the san mateo side. or you can ask the woman who made it. >> so many people have come in that are lost, i figured i'll just write down the instructions and they'll get to where they need to go to. >> this is the first time the san mateo bridge has ever been
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closed. caltrans is putting in a seismic gap as well as some steal girders. >> we are using this weekend to try to get ahead of schedule so to speak so we can get more work done during night by just closing 1 or 2 lanes. >> it's been publicized but still people missed the memo or some say it simply wasn't advertised enough. >> the gps says take the san mateo bridge as the quickest route. i drove from dublin all the way here, now i've got to drive back and go across the bay bridge. not too happy. >> if they choose to go north taking the bay bridge making northbound traffic across the bay bridge a nightmare. >> i wouldn't say twice as long but much longer than normal. >> which is why these tear off directions, the 76 tell people to go down and around rather than the gridlock.
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just i've --. >> i've heard there's some accidents, and it's not getting any better especially with mother's day approaching. >> those are your two options kwu go over the bay bridge which will be a nightmare. when i came this way across the bridge, i don't want to be suck in that -- stuck in that traffic. this will be reopened, the bridge by the way monday morning, 5:00 a.m.. reporting live in hayward emily turner. kron4 news. >> we want to remind you this is only the first of two closures for the bridge. caltrans is going to shut down the san mateo bridge again on memorial day weekend. they will be resurfacing the deck structure again that closure starting on friday may 22nd and ending on monday, may 25th. on information on how to prepare for that shut down, visit our website at kron4 dot for a complete list of alternate
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routes that you can take. a chance to move ahead in the series but the warriors couldn't pull off a win in game three. in dpakt we're hearing from all over the bay area. live for us in berkeley where i guess the fans are disappointed to say the lease. . scott in. >> that's putting it lightly vicki. take a look here. i'm at t appy's in tell graph. i promise you the place was a lot more crowded about ten minutes ago. the warriors were trying to rally they were trying to come back, unfortunately they didn't get it done. you can see earlier, it was packed in here and there was a little bit of excitement. the warriors really didn't get going in this game. they struggled. but towards the end of the game in the fourth corner they did rally lay cutting it to eight points, 9 points there but they count
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get over the hump. now they are down 21 to 1. i'll tell you as soon as -- 2 to 1. as soon as the buzzer rain, it cleared out. fans didn't have too much to say, they are remaining hopeful for the next game. they say they believe it is a must game for the warriors. they don't want to go down 3 to 1. that would be an absolute disaster. we come back out here live again. can you see not much going on. two fans here, these are the only two warriors fans left in the building. you are kind of drinking a way your sore owes here. what did you think of the game, sir? >> they better win game four. that's how i feel. >> kind of a must win. >> a must win. >> all of the war new jersey fans tell me game four will be a must win. that's what it looks like, vicki. back to you. >> all right scott wait until we get them back to our arena
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thanks. the warriors will look back at the series in memphis on monday. it tips off at 630, then back to oakland for game fooif. the grizzlies now lead that series 2 to 1. a 55-year old man found dead today in a man mateo toy score according to police. he was found on south b street, on south b street the police say he's likely a transient and there were no signs of foul play and the cause of death is yet to be determined. the oakland police is partnering with a mobile safety app saying it will bring real-time community safety to the city. it will allow users to instantly get alerts about emergencies, the app will simultaneously call 911 when an alert is submitted. users can submit what they saw to help first responders. the app is a
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vailable from iphone and android users. human traffic sg a problem in the united states and it's a problem in the bay area right here as well. the freedom summit was held in the south bay today and we talked to a survivor bringing light to this issue. >> vicki as you know, the superbowl is coming here to levi stadium next year, but a lot more people here in the bay area which increases the probability of human trafficking which means the trade of humans solely for the purpose of sex and forced labor. organizers of the freedom summit held here said they need to bring awareness to this major issue before the big event arrives. >> the bulk of my exploitation occurred here in the south bay. >> brigit's dream the group supports sex trafficking survivors like herself. >> i came from a fairly
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significantly abusive background and ran a way like so many people do, was victimized by the commercial sex industry as a juvenile and lost hope in the process, of course, lost hope in humanity. >> she but she made it through like the help with the speakers that address the crowd of 1500 promoting awareness. >> we know whenever there is an event like the superbowl we're going to see human trafficking. >> the district attorney says her office is doing everything it can to fight against human trafficking. >> in 2006 i created a unit just to focus on human trafficking and so far we have prosecuted over 450 human trafficers with an 82 percent conviction rate. >> all children are vulnerable to internet predators and that's how a lot of kids are being recruited into the sex trade right now. >> if you are someone coming into our city and trying to buy children for sex we're coming
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after you. bart closures are happening again this weekend. train services will be shut down between oak lands's kol sum. it is necessary to improve that portion of the track. the closure will take place all day today and into sunday. bart is offering a free service. passengers can expect delays of some 30 to 60 minutes during the closure. bart will continue working on the traction during various weekends until august. lots of gray skies around the area for today. we're off to a cloutd i start and already the low clouds pushing into the bay from the golden gad bridge an we are watching the low clouds go all the way into the in land valleys for tonight. that is going to set up another cloudy start for tomorrow and that means cooler temperatures. that's what we had for today. readings this afternoon only into the upper 60s for san jose,
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mid to low 60s in oakland hayward, a way from the fog and into the in land valleys. we did manage to make it even up to 80 in antioch. running from 5 to 10 degrees below average and we have a similar set up for tomorrow. low clouds all the way into the central valley perhaps by tomorrow morning. so we have slow clearing taking place. it will be early afternoon before the fog clears. eventually some sunshine with mild temperatures. meanwhile, remember that weather system that came through a couple of days ago, that has now moved east into the rockies for tonight and there has been a lot of nasty weather into colorado and also into oak hawaii and in texas to -- oklahoma tonight. tornado wachts watches in effect right now. looks likes these dangerous storms could continue to tomorrow. >> one of those torn dose has
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killed -- tornados has killed one person and injured another. get a load of this about two hours east of the dallas fort worth area, at least two tornados touched down today also getd pelted with three-inch size hail. the severe weather is destroying homes and even some people are still unaccounted for. the severe weather stretching all across the central u.s., slamming into oklahoma, you can see a truck stuck in waters, central portions of the state are in a tornado watch through the night tonight. the weather system could possibly continue into tomorrow. these storms could bring more golf size hail and damaging winds. tornado watches were issued in six states in the central part of the country today. north korea says they can launch a ballistic missile from a sub marine. this could be a big concern.
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they say launches like this are harder to detect than ones on the ground. they are trying to minimum tour eyes har wards to fit on miss else. they test fired three crews miss else. washington says they are aware of these results and it as clear violation of multiple un. theen center was in southern hawaii, but is not expected to cause any damage. people who felt the quake said there was only light shaking. three aftershocks were recorded but each shock was under magnitude two. no reports of damage or injury. it is not your imagination, the world is heating up. how hot, next up. a big recall to look out for. which car companies, headlights, taillights and wipers might not work. and a deadly jail break. isis taking credit for that.
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how they say they pulled it off with inmates on the inside.
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my name is marcus jenkins. i'm a lineman here in oakland. day in, day out, a large part of what we do is about providing reliable power to our customers. pg&e is dedicated to the community. i love working here because this is my home. oakland is my home. this is where i'm raising my children so it's important to me to make sure my family and friends have the power and energy that we provide. this is very personal to me. it makes me work a lot harder knowing that this is my community. together, we're building a better california.
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0. isis is taking responsibility for a deadly jail break that happened north of iraq's capital. now the terror group claims that fighters on the outside coordinated with inmates to make this break successful. five guards and 30 inmates were killed, according to several prominent isis twitter accounts. fighters on the outside blew up military and security vehicles near the prison. they made makeshift bombs near baghdad. at the same time, isis claimed members being held on the inside took control of storage rooms an began the gun you fight. nine of those con vikts were in custody facing terror charges. there's another version, however, a police
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spokesman tells cnn that the break out began when a prisoner ceased a gun from a guard. in the wake of the isis shooting military bases are racing the terror threat level. their levels are now at the highest lel they have been in the past four years. bases are now operating under a predictable and and probable threat of terrorism. posted names and addresses of about 100 u.s. military members. the upgraded threat level could mean tougher threat level at bases and military checks for the people on base. the world has a new temperature record and it's not a surprise. the latest report from the ocean graphic march of this year was the warmest march on record. scientists say that while last year was the warmest year on record, these new numbers give 2015 a stab at to being -- topping 2014.
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the warmest years in records have been in the past 17 years. in the bay area, we have seen some pretty warm temperatures since the start of the year. brian, does it look like this warming trend is entrenched? is it going to stay with us? >> not for the short-term. we have some cooler temperatures for the next few days. although they are showing above temperatures for the next 1 to 3 months, so not much of a change. that's certainly what we had in march. one of the warmest marchest on record here in the bay area, just to go along with one of the warmest marchs on record in the world. we had low to mid 70s about 5 to 10 degrees above average but see what's happening here on the golden gate bridge, all that low cloudy inest is going to make for cooler than normal readings and we could even have some wet weather in here by the end of next week as a storm comes our way. look at this at the bay bridge -- well we'll look at
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two thing. first of all the traffic is pretty nasty because of the san mateo bridge closure but look at the low cloudiness already firmly into the bay tonight and pushing into in land. cloudy tomorrow morning along with cooler temperatures. as we go through the morning very slow clearing up, then sunshine for the afternoon with the exception of the coast. and fog tracker is showing that at midnight tonight and there's the push all the way into livermore valley north bay valleys and it continues to fill in by tomorrow morning. by 6:00 a.m. look for -- a.m. look for low clouds, some of the clouds perhaps as far in land as sacramento. the clearing is very slow tomorrow. 9:00 a.m., still clouds by the bay, north bay. eventually by noon or around 1:00 p.m. all of that include i -- cloudiness back to the ocean with the exception of the coast and
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san francisco which will stay cloudy for the entire day and temperatures will remain on the mild sides. upper 60s and low cities 70s. what we had today. mid 70s here. 60s by the bay. san francisco will struggle to warm up with all of the loud i -- cloudiness, just a high of 58 degrees for tomorrow afternoon. i'll talk about that chance for rain coming up later on. mitsubishi recalling over 130,000 cars for faulty defrost terse and headlights. the out lander evolution and sport out back models from 2009 and 2011 are included in this. some cars could have a faulty blower. the electronic units are also having some trouble which means headlights taillights and wipers may not work. the car company says it will be reaching out to the owners and dealers. mitsubishi says it will replace all of the defective parts for
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free. still ahead the video gone viral. a high school principle yelling out in the auditorium. why it's making so many people upset. they come in on sunday at 2:00 o'clock with a glass of water and leave with something a whole lot more expense tif. i'll explain in the next edition of people behaving badly.
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expensive. i'll explain in the next edition of people behaving badly. . if you've ever wondered if those tablet locks really work, we'll find out with this real test. the man mt black coat gets affirm grip on the ipad then he's giving it a good tug. lock breaks, now hooes he has annie pad. at about 2:00 p.m. on a sunday these two men enter
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the coffee shop, one man heads for the drink. he was told the price for a bottle of water and decided that was probably more than he wanted to spend. despite the fact that one of them was already drinking one of those blue gatorade's. he wanted a glass of tap water. the server told him it's $0.30. his buddy is drinking a gate roid and never offers a sip to his par chd friend. he starts the pocket pad. is pocket pat is when you know you don't have money but you give the appearance of searching for for invisible cash. at one point the man in the black coat turns to him an says, what are you looking at? now the pocket pat turns into the next phase, it's called emptying out all of your pockets. there is a tip jar anchored on the counter with a
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chain or go for the ipad that was locked and secure. according to the manager his next words were well, since i can't have no with theer i'm going to take this ipad. while his non-sharing gatorade drinking buddy watches on. just like that he came up with one ipad and out the door they go. the sad part the ipad was a loaner so now the store is getting hit with a $450 charge for replacement. the store has been hit numerous times. the tip jar was stolen three times. the locks had to be replaced because the employees lunches were stolen, even the continue ments. this time a slieltly secure ipad was taken from the premises. in san francisco stanley roberts, kron4 news. >> we showed the surveillance to the police and they recognize td two men who made off with the tablet. we'll let you know if any arrests are made. coming up, we'll let you
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know a bizarre discovery at the x-ray, we'll show you what caught the attention of security agents. an autistic students tossed off a flight for complaining about the food. what her mom intends to do about it. we'll break down the warriors gridley series coming up. full half hour of all your sports needs, sunday night at nine right after the news.
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0. dozens of mother's a around the country march to the justice department today. the goal to draw attention to minorities who have been killed during interactions with police. the event was organized by the mother of a man who was shot 14
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times in milwaukee. more on the million mom's march. >> hundreds of protestors gathered in washington to raise awareness about the number of men that continue to die at the hands of police. ak at this viesz intentionally chose mother's day to do this. >> the million mom's march focuses on the men killed unarmed men killed by the authorities. they march to the department of justice demanding racial equal at this in memory of their slain children. their list of victims goes on and on. recently freddie gray suffered a spinal injury while being transported in a van. a week earlier, walter scott was shot multiple times in the back following a traffic stop. then
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mr. scott was killed by a volunteer deputy during an undercover spinning. -- sting. >> there's no accountability in none of these police departments. >> the march was org is the niced by maria hamilton, founder of mother's for justice united. her mentally ill sond ante was killed by christopher man i who said he shot hamilton after hamilton grabbed his baton and struck him. he was fired but not charged. >> people r ree -- are really opening their eyes to the things that are happening. >> the mother of the unarmed man shot and killed by police in ferguson missouri last year was among the mom's marching. a controversial comment made
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during a graduation ceremony drawing controversy. take a look. this video was captured and posted on twitter. it was at the tnt academy event. nancy g0rd i ak forgot to mention the val dick tore yen speech, however many people started to leave. that's when he told the people they were rude not listening to him. she says her comments were not meant to be racial. >> what i saw leaving were black people. it was not a statement of racism, it was my frustration. >> the principle also says since the incident happened she has ntd ee been able to eat or sleep. many of the students said they felt robbed of their high school graduation because of her statement. san francisco is full of restaurants, but there is only one like the old school cafe off
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third street in the bayview district. it's a supper club style restaurant run by people 16 to 22 years old. the kids come in at risk and they leave ready to take on the world. pam moore gives us a look at a segment we call 25 and under. >> the food is fab laus laos. we have some of the best young shefs in san francisco right here. >> it as place to believe and a place where i can put my energy and see my growth. >> i believe ultimately this community is hope. >> the moody dark 1940s supper club day core and name are really the only thing here that is old. this restaurant is being run by young people learning a new way of life. >> i'm here in the kicher where it is very busy right now as it is in any san francisco restaurant just before opening time except for one thing the
8:34 pm
young children running this kitchen. danny 17 years old page go over, december ray is 21 and mi ais 19, over in the dish pit we've got 16-year old melvin with nick, the other manager. >> my name is theresa b0ye neshgs s. >> she decided she needed to do more. >> the young men i worked with in law enforcement that were the inmates inspired me to try to break the psych em of resid vishg. >> they get life skills here. these kids learn how to do everything, so it's more than just a restaurant. it's a school. >> and they do do better. these three are all heading to college. december ray has been here since 2008. >> i was drinking, getting into
8:35 pm
a lot of trouble, stealing, home in vagsz and then i came to old school. >> i was pretty lost. i was trying to find my own truth on the streets. >> i feel old school for this community means change. >> some of these kids have been in jail, in foster homes on the street involved in gangs drugs, crime weapons and more, but old school cafe is an oasis of hope in a neighborhood that needs a lot more of it. pam moore, kron4 news. >> there's a sign that hangs above the front door that says enter as strangers leave as friends. the old school cafe has received awards -- national awards and recognition. they are encouraging local customers. anyone around the bay area to come in and have a great meal. the citizens of berkeley upset over the possible sale of
8:36 pm
their post office. here to see the celebration --. >> these buildings are history they are not a cash machine. >> after fighting for more than three years to save the berkeley post office from being sold to developers activists came together to saifr a court victory that will keep this historic building open. >> this building is now no longer on the market. thanks to all six your work over the last three years, the post office is still open. >> those who fought to keep the post office open recognize the legal staff that took the postal service to court and won. >> this victory gets us the result we want. it keeps the post office and the ownership of the postal service, it takes it off the market and it puts the postal service on notice for the next five years that if they try to sell this building again the federal court is going to hold their feet to the fire. >> well, the legal team had hoped to halt the sale siteing
8:37 pm
the national historic preservation act. those arguments were not heard when the case was declared moot after the sale was rescinded. >> we'd like to see those issues resolved on the merits, but nick we got a really goot result. >> it as result they hope other cities with use as a precedent. >> we hope we can protect other buildings throughout the country. country. >> in berkeley jeff pierce, kron4 news. a tropical storm is gaining strength off the owes of -- coast of north and soudz carolina. the predictions forecast terse are making about that storm ahead. >> how this storm may impact the bay area next week. the forecast is coming up. we all know the cost of healthcare in america is rising.
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0. tropical storm an a is expected to make land fall along
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the carolina coast. beach goers are being warned of life threatening rip currents cause td by the slow moving storm and is about 65 miles east of south carolina and it's top winds of 60 miles per hour have reportedly been slowed up somewhat. the storm will bring heavy rain and some high winds when it does finally hit land. this is the first named storm of the hurricane atlantic season starting with a. it is nearly a month before the hurricane season officially begins. >> it is not unusual that we get a tropical storm this early in the season and it is not a precursor of an active hurricane season. sometimes when the season starts really early like this it's been a quiet middle of the season rngs so it's not necessarily a problem. now, here at the san mateo bridge, not much in the way of traffic but we do have a lot in the way of low clouds over the span as you can see on this time lapse and those clouds are going to
8:41 pm
make for some cool temperatures for this weekend. we've already seen that live at the golden gate. look at that big deck of low clouds over the pan and -- span and it's already pushng into the east bay valley. tomorrow drizzle in spots and as we go through the day very slow clearing for oakland berkeley alameda san francisco, you might not see the sun until the early afternoon but then sunshine as we approach 4:00 p.m. with the exception of the coast. cloudy at the beaches all day long. clouds for monday with slower clearing winds picking up possibly between 30 and 40 miles per hour. faster tuesday that doesn't mean a warmup because we're still going to have these cool winds coming off the moeks and by wednesday a weather storm approaches and that could bring a couple days with the chance for some wet weather. it's trying to take shape up here in the gulf of alaska and all this
8:42 pm
is forecast to hang out and eventually pushed towards northern california r. california for wednesday an thursday. 50s at the coast, 50s san francisco 60s by the bay and mid to upper 70s in land. here's the storm tracker for the seven-day forecast. a little bit cooler for monday, cooler and cloud yes sir and windy in the afternoon more sunshine tuesday. clouds increase late tuesday and then we have the chance for occasional showers and reasonably cool readings for thursday friday and saturday. the mother of an awe tik tik teen is taking up american airlines. why the girl was kicked off and what the mom intends to do about it.
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my name is rene guerrero. i'm a senior field technician for pg&e here in san jose. pg&e is using new technology to improve our system, replacing pipelines throughout the city of san jose, to provide safe and reliable services. raising a family here in the city of san jose has been a wonderful experience. my oldest son now works for pg&e. when i do get a chance, an opportunity to work with him it's always a pleasure. i love my job and i care about the work i do. i know how hard our crews work for our customers. i want them to know that they do have a safe and reliable system. together, we're building a better california. ♪♪ with kaiser permanente you'll connect with your doctor any time anywhere. another way care and coverage together makes life easier.
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♪♪ become a member of kaiser permanente. because together, we thrive. ♪♪ 0. an oregon couple is unhappy with united airlines. recently their awe tik tik daughter was escorted off the flight by police. amy frazier tells us
8:45 pm
what happened. >> the captain never came back and said is everything good or even met her. never. he landed a plane. >> it happened tuesday on united airlines. on their way home from disney wormd during their connecting flight from houston to portland. >> the plane landed. . >> 15-year old jewel yet tieg erd has traveled the world with her family. she loves swinging, gymnastics she also has autism. >> can you say frustrated? >> this is some of how she ex-presses her frustration. something her parents say they saw coming on the flight that day. >> and i know her when he gets
8:46 pm
over hungry or over thirsty she really struggles because she can't tell us. >> after trying some other food she asked if they could purchase something hot from first class. she says they were initially told no. >> i said, okay, fine, we'll get to the meltdown point where she's crying and then you're going to want to help her. that's when he went and got her a hot meal. >> the family says jewel yet started to calm down and was wachlg a -- watching a video. >> then we were shocked to hear him say we are making an emergency landing in salt lake city. we have a pass no, sir in the back of plane with behavior issues. >> the next thing they knew they were landing in salt lake city where the police asked hem to leave the plane. >> i am starting to cry. i told them i'm not leaving until we get statements from people because i can say she's not a threat. they need to hear it
8:47 pm
from the passengers. so the police officer got ten pages and he said, you have a lot of people on your side saying this wasn't a threat. >> the family has now contacted a lawyer saying jewel yet never should have been treated this way. >> it is uncalled for. >> in a written statement provided to our partner united says that after working to accommodate doctor beeg el and her daughter during the flight, the crew made the best decision for the safety and comfort of all of our customers and elected to divert to salt lake city after the situation became disruptive. a mother finds her baby crying and sweating inside of a car. the mother was on heroin passed out in the front seat. >> temperatures were in the upper 80s thursday evening when police got the call. two women passed out in a car in the ud f
8:48 pm
parking lot in north van row. >> when the officers got on scene, the passenger in the vehicle had come to. so they were at least conscious at that point. but obviously their focus was on the drug and not the baby and that's where children's services will hopefully step in for the time being until these folks can get the treatment they need. >> police arrested jessica waler after giving her nar can after bringing her back to life. they took the baby and cooled her off in the cruiser. there is no way to tell how long the baby was in the hot car with the parents passed out in the front seat. >> that's what we run into is that the people involved in the drugs care nothing about anything other than the drugs themselves. >> jessica waler has been charged with child endangerment. right now the child is in the care of child protective services. nublt we have some breaking news tonight, a man
8:49 pm
hunt is under way for a man in mississippi after two mroors were shot and killed. the gunman fled the scene in the officers patrol vehicle. it was later found abandoned near some railroad tracks chl we'll continue to bring you this story and updates as we receive them. tomorrow at 9:30 we air the first story of the back scenes. this is just a look at how we cover the day's news. take a look. >> the cars are supposed to go that way and they are going this way. . >> channel 4, how are you doing? >> right, how are you? >> you're laughing, what happened? >> channel 4. >> people behaving badly. >> i'm going to do a whip,
8:50 pm
basically a tease. >> coming up, drivers caught by chp. >> that's a sneak peek at the back story. catch a premier tomorrow night at 9:30. time now for dine and dish with vicki livi akis. >> uh-huh, forgot to make arrester rags for mother 's day? meet a mother of eight, i ed ais 99 and carolyn, she's my mom. they are our test mom's for mother's day lunch. we chose jack's in pleasant hill with other locations around the way. why jack's? because it's run by three hand come boys who love their ma ma. >> chris rolled out the red carpet for our test mom's. >> i'm going to have champagne for special occasions. i love champagne. >> chris not only brought out
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some bubbles to toast with, but he did tequila shots with el0is a. next an app tiezer of homemade hummus dip. the fresh shrimp salad a huge cop salad. followed by another shot of tequila. and just when you thought you couldn't eat any more our host brought by a tree owe of desserts including a banana split. a hit with our mom's. >> i'll be telling everyone about it and they will be envious. >> any way you chose to celebrate mother's day will no doubt be appreciated. >> i do want to say that el weesz son clark is watching and clark, your mom actually had three shots of at the teal a -- tequila.
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she handled it pretty well. >> if you're celebrating mom it could get pretty pricey, americans ln spending an average of $172 on mom this year. that is up nearly $10 from last year. we want to see how you hon hon or your mom. send us pictures of mother's day fun. you may see them on our news cast or website. if you're looking for a really great place to take mom out, i know it is late in the game. we have compiled a list of sweet spots just go to our website and click on dine and dish. airport screeners make an unusual citing in the screeners machine. see how they discover a little boy inside a packed suitcase. spring water. made by nature, not by man. crystal geyser alpine spring water. bottled at the mountain source.
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0. child protective services is watching over an eight-year old boy right now as he was discovered packed inside a suitcase in an x-ray plan. this is another example for the polite for immigrants to try to enter europe. >> police are still not sure how long the young boy stent tucked into the pink poll yes ter suitcase pressed against a few personal belongings. the boy was tightly in the fetal position inside the suitcase. he is eight years old and a native of the i've ri coast in africa. the border guards became suspicious when a 21-year
8:56 pm
old woman a moroccan woman showed siendz of nervousness as she attempted to cross the border into spain wheeling the sus case down the street. the woman was arrested at the border the man who is apparently the boy's father was a regs td hours after the boy was found. the men arrested is indeed his father and also pending legal action. reacting to the case, the spanish civil guard spokesman said we are perplexed about the desperate things people do to get smug eld or smug el their children into the country. a family of black bears gave some tourists a scare in montana. get a load of this, looks like the wildlife watchers got a little too close for comfort and the ma ma and cubs started running towards them. the spectators made a few mistakes, you should stay at least 100 yards a way from a
8:57 pm
bare especially a ma ma bare. never a good idea to run away from it. it triggers a predator response. see you at 11.
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this mother's day weekend we are with gloria and her mom, tie tyra banks and her mom. we are talking to melissa rivers. it's her first mother's day without joan. >> i go in my closet and just cry. >> a daughter's painful decision to say good-bye. >> once they removed the ventilator, i got into the bed with her and held her. >> star lessons from your mom. >> i will be there with you. >> they are always with us through the good times -- >> the bad times. >> they told me she wasn't going to make it. >> the tears. >> my mom has done an incredible job. you don't realize. >> i don't want to make you cry. >> she has great taste. >> clo


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